The Insurance Funnel Blueprint

The Insurance Funnel Blueprint

Using Funnels to Grow Your Agency Online

It takes the proper strategy and know-how to turn your insurance agency into a digital agency. Without having a strong online presence, your agency will lose the chance to reach new clients and attract them to your agency. Use our free blueprint to cover all your bases and make your funnel as successful as it can be.


insurance funnel blueprint


The Insurance Funnel: Essential to Attracting New Clients in the Digital Age

Firstly, as online marketing has increased in popularity over the last few years, online marketing has become a necessity rather than an option for your company. If you are not already consistently attracting new leads from Google and Facebook, you might be portraying your agency in the wrong manner—or worse, missing out on sales.

As you work on shifting your insurance business in the digital transformation, you may find yourself needing guidance. How do I attract new clients online? Should I focus on a niche or target the wide-open market? Who can I target online? Where should I go to find new leads?

To help you answer these questions (and many more), we created this free PDF blueprint for agencies that can be used to build a system that attracts new leads to your business. This downloadable guide written by an ex-Googler and marketing takes concepts from world-class insurance brands to successful local agencies to help you create a professional insurance funnel that serves as the keystone to your agency’s marketing, attracting new clients, indoctrinating them into your sales process, and converting them into more valuable clients.


What Our Insurance Funnel Blueprint Contains

Our blueprint breaks down into three sections:

  • Building an engine that generates leads on autopilot
  • Automating your sales and marketing processes
  • Optimizing your funnel and increase your results

Most importantly, each section contains a set of tips and processes to follow as you build your funnels. Furthermore, it also contains links to related resources that will help you learn more about funnel-building best practices, and how best to approach unfamiliar situations, like keyword research or funnel optimization.

Whether you are brand new to funnel building or are simply trying to improve your existing funnels’ results, this checklist can keep you, your team, and your company on the same page, and ensure that all of your efforts are as efficient and effective as possible.


Download the Insurance Funnel Blueprint HERE

Need Help Building Your Agency’s Funnels?

In conclusion, building funnels can be tough, especially for agencies that don’t have the time or staff for it. If you want to grow your agency and sell more insurance online, we can help. We have years of experience helping agencies grow through online marketing and we’d be happy to help you too!

If you’re stuck, need help, or want a consultation, you can get in touch with our team here.

Camille Bob III

Camille D. Bob III is a Google Ads wiz and founder of Insurance Funnels, a leading Google Ads and marketing funnel agency exclusively for insurance agencies. His mission is to help 10,000 agents build digital insurance agencies with Insurance Funnels. Get the Insurance Funnels Blueprint here.

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