AdWords Strategy for Insurance Agencies

Google ads can be a powerful tool for growing your independent insurance agency. However, without the right strategy, it can also be expensive and ineffective. We work with you to make sure your ads bring highly-qualified prospects with high buyer-intent to your website. We believe you should only pay for results.

A Clear Plan To Grow Your Insurance Agency Online

For most insurance agencies, navigating the Google landscape can be a challenge without the help of in-house expertise. Leverage the knowledge of Google experts to develop brand new or reinvigorate mature Google Ads accounts. Get a tailored Google Ads game plan that outlines the step-by-step strategy to turn your campaigns into lead generating machines.

Rank In the Top 3 Spots on Google

98% of searchers choose an insurance agency that is on page 1 of the results they get. The difference between agencies that rank in the top 3 spots for high-commercial intent keywords and the agencies that waste their adspend is a sound digital advertising plan. Whether you are currently advertising your insurance services or interested in opening a new account, we give you a detailed roadmap to grow your agency with Google Ads.

AdWords Strategy Solutions

Insurance Ad Builder

Want to start advertising on Google? Align your agency’s goals and visions with your online advertising plans with the Insurance Ad Builder session. In this session, we will undergo a guided exercise to craft a custom marketing strategy that targets and attracts your ideal clients on Google.

Insurance Ads Tune-Up

Even the best advertisers in insurance can plateau with their online advertising campaigns. Our seven-step Google Ads audit will identfiy areas of wasted adspend  and new advertising opportunities.

How It Works

  • Book a Call     Complete the form to schedule your strategy session. From there we will contact you to discuss your strategy session.
  • Strategy Session Interview  Undergo a qualification interview to determine if this is right for you. Next, we’ll administer the Insurance Ad Builder or Tune-Up assessment to identify new areas of opportunity for your agency’s growth.
  • Competitive Landscape Research Upon completion of the assessment, our team will conduct research on your marketplace to identify winning strategies and areas of opportunity.
  • Execution Details Finally, we’ll share our findings, observations, and recommendations in presentation form and deliver a detailed execution plan with the exact steps you should take to accomplish your goals.