Build Your Agency the Digital Way. Get Insurance Clients To Contact YOU From Google

Put your Google presence in the hands of professionals for a fraction of the cost of bringing on a digital marketing specialist. We combine advanced digital marketing strategies with paid search, Google My Business, and on-page search engine optimization to attract more interested clients and increase your brand awareness


Expand Your Reach To Consistently Find Your Ideal Clients Who Are Searching on Google


We’ll help you define who you want to reach on Google

and create a blueprint to help you reach your goals


We create various search campaigns to attract people

looking for insurance quotes


We create custom ads that attract new visitors

to your landing pages


We’ll continually optimize your account to improve

your results

Finally, a powerful engine that attracts exclusive leads for your insurance agency

Google ads can be a powerful tool for growing your insurance agency. However, without the right strategy or time to execute, it can also be expensive and ineffective. We work with you to make sure your Google ads continually drive exclusive insurance leads to your agency- and we have three options to service most agencies.

Search Engine Blueprint

Get a clear Google advertising plan that aligns with your agency’s long-term growth vision and current marketing objectives

Search Results Dominance

Beat out other agencies by generating ready-to-buy clients from your service area with mission-critical insights to grow your agency’s footprint and improve your performance.

Local Search Listing

Boost your local presence with an optimized Google My Business and Google Maps profile that highlights your insurance agency in your local area.

Search Results Relevance

Make your online presence relevant by building pages that appear for the keywords your ideal clients mostly search.

insurance lead generation

Every agency can take advantage of our Google marketing programs.

Regardless of size, Insurance Funnels will help you get more clients with Google. Here are some of the types of solutions we offer:

  • Do It Yourself – Access our Google Ads resources and online courses, which are crafted for insurance agents to learn how to build profitable Google AdWords campaigns that drive exclusive insurance leads.
  • Done with You – Join our mastermind of digital-first agents who receive weekly lessons on how to dominate online using Google AdWords and share strategies driving results in their local marketplace.

  • Done for You – Put your Google AdWords campaigns in the hands of Google Ads experts. Let our team of digital lead generation specialists transform your campaigns into exclusive lead generating machines.


One cannot sidestep the impact of Google on Insurance. Of the several reasons, here are some of the significant benefits you can get from focusing on Google.

With the technological changes happening in the market, it makes more sense for agencies to target the direct buyers. This is based on what they need instead of chasing them down or throwing out nets such as mails and hoping to see what sticks.

  • Automated: Let Google do the heavy lifting. Google’s powerful artificial intelligence system works throughout the day to expand your agency’s reach. With their platform, your agency based in one part of the state can begin to reach interested people all across the state or country

Agencies that expand their digital presence or seek new means of growth and improvement are likely to get the best result from Google Ads.

The following agencies have a higher chance of getting the best result:

  • Agencies that generate High Premium Accounts

  • Agencies that are targeting specific niches
  • Agencies with responsive sales teams
  • Agencies that see marketing as an investment
  • Agencies that are patient and understand that Google requires learning and also that Google’s algorithm is an iterative process that is continually working to improve results

  • Agencies that are willing to invest more than $1,500+solely on Google ads

  • Agencies with strong retention sales and cross-sales processes agencies with a conversion-optimized website as well as a mobile responsive website


If you are already advertising on Google, we will simply become your account manager. The simple requirement is to provide your Google Adwords Account ID, and we’ll take it from there.

  • Book a Call – Complete the form to schedule your strategy session
  • Strategy Session Interview – Undergo a qualification interview to determine if this is right for you. Next, we’ll draft your Insurance Funnel blueprint or Insurance Funnel diagnosis to identify new areas of opportunity for your agency’s growth.