CASE STUDY: Generating 2,000+ Exclusive Leads Across Multiple Insurance Lines

CASE STUDY: Generating 2,000+ Exclusive Leads Across Multiple Insurance Lines

Client Profile:

S&G Mitchell Insurance owns a number of agencies in California covering almost every insurable niche across commercial and personal lines. During our engagement, we worked directly with two of their portfolio agencies:

Cliff Cottam Insurance Services, a commercial lines agency based in Northern California

Bill Brian Insurance, a primarily personal lines agency based in Southern California

The Challenge

When S&G Mitchell got in touch with us, they wanted us to help grow their personal and commercial insurance business by attracting exclusive and ready-to-buy leads from very specific and targeted audiences as part of growth strategy. In addition, they needed to adapt to a shifting industry that is moving digital. Therefore, they needed to attract insurance clients digitally. Prior to working with us, they attempted to generate new business via in-house lead generation via Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn. In spite of their efforts, they were unsuccessful due to not having the digital marketing expertise. In addition, they also invested in lead generation through industry lead channels but noticed decreasing returns from these channels.

All in all, they were looking for consistent, high-quality leads from both English and Spanish speakers – and were particularly interested in reaching out to clients with complex risks in emerging markets including potential corporate clients in construction, marijuana/cbd and those who need new cyber liability coverage.

Our Solution

Our 5 Step Strategy for Generating Exclusive Insurance Leads

We introduced new strategies to help the firm automate their marketing and lead generation activities. This included developing a custom marketing plan designed to align their online marketing with their business objectives. Next, we developed a series of AdWords campaigns designed to attract prospective clients in the market for various insurance policies. Subsequently, we developed custom landing page funnels that were designed to indoctrinate prospective clients into this agency’s value and compel them to inquire about receiving a quote.

Finally, we introduced online chatbot functionality, a full CRM solution, and robust performance reporting with call recordings and lead tracking. As a result, we created a complete automated marketing solution for both agencies.

The Results

We have had not only more leads but more reliable leads. The leads that we are getting are geared towards our goals. The technology that Insurance Funnels has brought to our agency has helped our staff handle the leads at ease.

S&G Mitchell Insurance President
  • Generated approximately 2,000 inquiries from our client’s ideal prospect, with over 700 of those inquiries coming from commercial lines clients
  • Drove over 100,000 online impressions and maintained top 3 spot rankings on Google for 78% of time spent advertising (typically 7 am – 6 pm Pacific time)
  • Expanded marketing reach beyond local service areas to the entire state of California
  • Established a strong presence and increased market share within relatively new markets like cyber and cannabis insurance
  • Increased the number of leads generated on a daily basis by over 35%
  • Delivered leads with a 50% closing rate, representing a 40% increase from other lead channels
  • Introduced technologies that allowed for increased operational efficiency and time-savings across the agency – freeing producers to focus on more critical tasks
  • Provided new marketing ideas and tests to maintain and expand online dominance

“Cam and team are always creating new and improved ways to make lead generation easy, user friendly, and more successful.”

S&G Mitchell Insurance President

About Insurance Funnels

All in all, the ultimate goal for Insurance Funnels is to partner with insurance agencies, who don’t have millions of dollars in their advertising budgets and help them dominate their local marketplaces online so they can profitably compete against the industry titans and insuretechs.

Above all, our modus operandi for bringing this dream to fruition is to provide consistent blogs filled with our best strategies, DIY resources for solo agents, work directly with a coalition of tech-forward agents to jointly discuss strategy and tactics, and directly implementing complex funnel systems for the independent agencies we partner with.

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Camille Bob III

Camille D. Bob III is a Google Ads wiz and founder of Insurance Funnels, a leading Google Ads and marketing funnel agency exclusively for insurance agencies. His mission is to help 10,000 agents build digital insurance agencies with Insurance Funnels. Get the Insurance Funnels Blueprint here.

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