We’re a team of techies who live, eat, and breathe insurance marketing. We’re on a mission to help 10,000+ agents with our proprietary insurance marketing system generate more leads, more often with our DIY-resources, training courses, and Google AdWords and Insurance Funnels management service.

Our Mission

The ultimate goal for Insurance Funnels is to discover how insurance agencies, who don’t have millions of dollars in their advertising budgets can dominate their local marketplaces online and profitably compete against the industry titans and insuretechs?

My strategy for helping agents is to provide consistent blogs filled with value. Providing DIY resources for agents, working directly with a coalition of tech-forward agents who will jointly discuss their strategies and tactics, and directly implementing complex funnel systems for the agencies that I partner with.

Meet the Founder

Hi, I’m Camille “Cam” D. Bob III, and I’m the founder of Insurance Funnels, the #1 funnel agency for insurance agencies. You might have read my first book, “The Digital Insurance Agent,” or maybe you’ve seen some of my marketing articles posted on Independent Agent Magazine.

Before launching Insurance Funnels, I have successfully built digital marketing strategies for large companies as a Googler and ran a Google Partner AdWords agency that specializes in insurance.

For the past five years, I’ve been dead set on helping insurance agencies use Google and the power of digital marketing to turn internet traffic into new customers.

My mission with Insurance Funnels is to build and manage the funnels for 100 innovative agencies personally. I also plan to share my best techniques for building a funnel that generates hundreds of exclusive leads every month with 10,000+ insurance agents!